Gaining the Enterprise Edge in AI Products (InsideBIGDATA)

The AI economy will benefit incumbents – if they can leverage their proprietary data. To prepare for ‘AI eating software,’ enterprises need to standardize data collection processes across the organization.

This Music Video Does Not Exist (This music video does not exist)

From the house music to the visuals, these music videos are produced entirely with generative AI. Built with OpenAI's Jukebox and NVIDIA's StyleGAN2, it's GANs all the way down. Top of Hacker News (3/22/21).

When Will We Get Rid Of Passwords? (F5 Labs)

Exploring better forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that use new behavioral signals and machine learning for a more secure and invisible experience. Co-authored with Shuman Ghosemajumder, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at F5, former CTO of Shape Security and Click Fraud Czar at Google.

(Deep) House: Making AI-Generated House Music (Towards Data Science)

This article explores generative audio techniques, training OpenAI’s Jukebox on a deep house playlist.

Scaling AI SaaS Products: Lessons Learned (Notion)

Notes from Bilal Mahmood's talk on scaling ClearBrain, a causal experimentation platform (acq. by Amplitude).

How to Hack the Learning Process (14:59) (Better Humans Podcast)

Interviewed by Matt East, host of the Better Humans Podcast, on how to apply ultralearning to skill mastery.

The Ultralearning Gambit: How I Became a Top 20% Chess Player in Under 50 Hours (Better Humans)

Master any skill with these four principles.

ML for Product Managers (Towards Data Science)

Five steps to ship your company’s next big thing.

Resilience of US Energy Infrastructure to Climate Threats (Dartmouth College)

Impact of climate change on energy generation in the 21st Century. Voted best Undergraduate Computer Science Thesis. Advised by Dr. Amro Farid, Director of Laboratory for Intelligent Integrated Networks of Engineering Systems (LIINES), Dartmouth's smart city research lab.

CoviDB (

A global, expert-reviewed platform for COVID-19 information and resources, advised by Stanford Faculty to combat disinformation.